Connecting the medAspis handheld PDA to the internet

Before registering each medAspis handheld PDA with the medAspis FMD system, each PDA needs to be set up, as follows

Unpack the PDA and charge it using the cable provided

Switch on the device (the on/off switch is a circular button located on the right side). The device uses the Android operating system, so you may already be familiar with many of the functions described below from previously using a smartphone.

Connect the device to the internet using WLAN/wi-fi by swiping down from the top of the screen; click on the WLAN symbol; select your desired WLAN access; and enter the password. You are now connected to the internet.

(Optional) If you want to connect your device via mobile data, insert the SIM card in the back of the device.

Switch off the device.

Unscrew the panel on the back using a standard slotted screwdriver.

Inside the device you can see the two slots for holding nano-SIM cards.

Open the right bracket by carefully pulling it back and folding it up.

Place the nano-SIM card with the metal contacts facing down and the angled corner to the left in the slots.

Close the bracket.

Screw the panel back.

Switch on the device.

You will now be asked for the PIN code of the SIM card.

After correct entry, you are connected to the internet via mobile data.


Registering your PDA with the  medAspis Control Panel

Open the medAspis Control Panel

Open the menu by clicking on the three dashes (≡) to the right of the medAspis logo.

Click on Settings.

Go to the Device Handling submenu.

Press the NEW button at the top of the page.

Enter a name for the scanner (once you have registered the PDA, this name will appear on the device itself and in all overviews shown in the Control Panel.

Click on SAVE.

A 2D matrix code will appear. This needs to be scanned by the handheld PDA.


Switch on the handheld PDA

There are two ways to scan the 2D matrix code on the Control Panel: You can either use the high-performance scanner on the top/front of the device or the camera on the back of the device.

The high-performance scanneron the top/front of the device is activated using the two buttons on the left and right of the device.

The camera on the back of the device is activated via the SCAN button on the device screen.

After scanning and capturing the 2D matrix code on the screen in the Control Panel, follow the instructions on the handset display. After a short confirmation, the handset is registered and ready for operation.

Please note, if the screen of your PC/Mac mirrors/reflects strongly, the 2D code may prove difficult to scan; in which case either scan the code using slow circular movements or print the page and scan the code on the paper.


Congratulations. You have just registered a device in the medAspis FMD system.


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