Registering with medAspis

Please have the following ready for registration:

  • Browser with internet access on a PC / Mac
  • Certificate and password from your NMVS.
In accordance with the local NMVS protocol, the medAspis FMD system can only be used after this registration has been successfully completed. Therefore, after signing the contract with medAspis, you will be asked to register with the medAspis FMD system by first accessing the medAspis Control Panel through a browser on your PC / Mac.

A registration screen will open

To register for the first time, click on the grey person and the yellow key (1) to the right of the Log In field

If you forget the password for your access later, the right field with the grey key will help you (2) – here you can request a new password.

On the registration page, please fill in all data fields.

Please check the given e-mail address (1) carefully, it will be needed if you forget your password. The password will be requested twice to avoid input errors.

Please be careful in your choice of country (3), as this will determine which NMVS you are to be connected to.

By selecting your preferred Language (4) you set the output seen on all connected devices.

Finally, select the type of organisation (5), either pharmacy or wholesale.

Press “OK”.

The next screen will appear

Please fill in all data fields.

Once completed, close the page by clicking on SAVE in the upper part of the page.

You can now use and manage the Control Panel.


Click on the three dashes (≡) next to the medAspis logo. A menu opens in which you can enter further data.

Please note, at this stage, you are not yet connected to your NMVS. To complete your registration, please continue with the following steps.

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