FMD Solution without scanning …

             … to simplify customers` life

FMD check without scanning is closer than you expect it to be.

A dream comes true

Simply ask your supplier to pre-scan the pack and to transmit the recorded code in parallel to the physical shipment of the medicine packs. It can’t be easier.

There are already examples around Europe for pre-scanning medicine packs. For instance the German “Warenbegleitende Datenlieferung”, where data is provided by suppliers for hospital pharmacies.

How does is work in practice?

Step 1: A supplier pre-scans packs of a particular delivery and puts them in a box. The box receives a code to be identified later.

Step 2: The customer receives the box, scans the outer code and downloads all related records. The records are used for the mandatory FMD check.

pre-scan shifts the effort of scanning from the customer to the supplier

Do all wholesalers offer pre-scanning?

We assume as a pharmacy, you would prefer to recieve the packs pre-scanned? To manage your FMD checks with fewer staff in less time. And – of course – you would prefer a supplier who offers this added-value service. You have it in your hands. Ask for the codes often enough and you will get them. To increase their position in competition, an increasing number of suppliers offer this pre-scan added-value service, in more and more countries.

Is this allowed by law?

This method called ‘aggregation’ is explicitly allowed by regulatory bodies. For deeper understanding please have a look in the linked EU commission Q&A document. Search for the keyword “aggregation” and “aggregated code”. Several aggregation methods are in use around Europe and medAspis can handle most of them. Please contact us for further information.

Aggregation technology is ready

medAspis has developed a fully working aggregation system. To scan, to store, to transfer and consequently to perform the FMD check.

Generation of aggregations – some advanced features

Collaboration along the supply chain

Aggregation Cascades

Thinking ahead, this works in an even bigger framework: Once scanned and stored, 2D codes can be used at several stages in the supply chain. A wholesaler at one trade level can supply other wholesalers with aggregated 2D codes. The pre-scanned records are passed on downstream even across national borders.

For more information on aggregation cascades please contact us

Deep Aggregation

Consequently, aggregation can be used at higher levels. Packs in a box, boxes on a pallet, pallets on a truck. Each unit can have its own Aggregation Code and summarise whatever is inside. At its destination a unit of any level can be FMD checked with one scan and unpacked to its single parts. All contained units can be further used with their own Aggregation Codes downstream to pass on the benefit. For any further information on Deep Aggregation please contact us.