Beyond medAspis

Beyond FMD with medAspis

FMD is a Challenge for Operations

Our mission is to operate FMD in all business areas along the pharmaceutical supply chain. We have gained a lot of experience in how to increase the Speed of Scan and to reduce the Need of Scan as much as possible.

Handheld Scanner

This mobile device is our fastest mobile handheld scanning device available. It can reach a performance of up to 2,000 scans per hour.

Table Scanner

Similar to a supermarket type of scanner. All codes are read just by passing them in front of the scanner. Fast and efficient, it provides an increased accuracy regarding each individual pack.

Multi Scanner

This scanner type can read a huge amount of packs at the same time. The high recognition rate and the scanning mechanism, provide the best solution for users with limited space and high volume of work.

Conveyor Scanner

This scanner type provides the best solution for a semi or fully automated logistics process. The device is fast and runs on continuous high speed.

Speed of Scan

FMD is a new process that needs to be integrated into existing business processes. Scanning 2 matrix codes takes away important time and is a real challenge. Our aim is to provide the right solutions for current and future needs. The medAspis FMD platform offers the right choice of scanning hardware and software which will fit perfectly with your needs and logistic processes.

The required personnel grows with the volume of the packs


Since the start of the Regulation in Feb. 2019 medAspis system has generated and processed over 30,000 aggregated codes. These codes are used to make logistic processes easier, either within a company or to interconnect supplier and customers in the supply chain.

Need of Scan

A fast scanner which fits perfectly with the actual situation, is good. However, is the actual scan process really necessary? Many packs are scanned too often within the supply chain.

With an intelligent approach to store and to transfer the once scanned codes a lot of time consuming scanning process will be saved. Call this aggregation, call this grouping or something else. Talk to us to identify those situations which could save time and effort in your workflow and in the workflow of your supply chain.

The medAspis FMD platform

Not the scanners, but the medAspis FMD platform is the real super hero of the system. Lots of benefits for our customers are hidden in this omnipresent piece of software.

Link the scans to document numbers in your ERP

Available in most European languages

a software to massively speed up scanning process

to continue to work even if the internet is down

to avoid double scans in your system

to only accept your own packs as return shipments

to restrict access to non reversible FMD operations

to prevent different batches in one order

Some words about us

We are a team of experts with experience in the fields of health care, IT and logistics with decades of industry know-how. Through continuous communication with our customers from all parts of the pharmaceutical supply chain, we know the operational processes very well.

Dennis Fessler
Sales Germany and Central Europe

Sofia Slok
Sales UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe

Klaudiusz Gajewski
Sales Poland, Czech and the Baltics

Pedro Pineda
Sales Spain and Portugal



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