Double Scan Filter

By mistake, multiple scans of the same pack can happen. As per FMD requirements, a package of medicine can be decommissioned only one time, before it is being opened. Therefore, at the second scan the NMVS will generate an alert.  This means that each time such an error occurs, the workflow is interrupted, and several people will have to be engaged to investigate the case.
Having learnt about this real-life possibility and concern from various end users, medApis have developed a system capable to recognize this type of events and prevent a false-positive alert from being triggered. In other words, the system works like a filter and detects such events before they are sent to the FMD Repository. This functionality speeds up the process and eliminates the unnecessary and time-consuming investigations on error messages (false-positive alerts).
For security reasons, at all times, the multiple scan is recorded and displayed in the Control Panel.