The new FMD handheld scanner from medAspis

Compare the new medAspis handheld scanner (right in the video) with conventional scanning devices:
More than twice the scanning speed and beyond, everything is done in one step – thanks to intelligent software.

The scanning process is the most critical part of FMD

Double scanning speed

FMD scanning has been part of daily business since the beginning of 2019. An additional work step that must be integrated sensibly. Otherwise cost may increase.

With the latest hardware and smart software medApsis offers the probably fastest FMD handheld scanner in Europe. And hence an efficient tool for daily needs.

Halved personnel costs

Halved time in goods-in


Fool-proof handling

Use the medAspis handheld scanners intuitively. The clear user guidance on the screen leads to optimal results – you scan at the blink of an eye and trust a system that thinks for itself:

1. No double pack

No matter what you scan, duplicate scans of the same pack are immediately detected and ignored. Each code comes into the system only once.

2. No pack will be forgotten

And if you missed a pack? At the end of each row a check number indicates if a package is missing. No worries, just scan the last row again and everything is recorded.

3. No wrong batch

If you scan a package with an wrong batch, this will be instantly reported and you can sort out the wrong package in goods-in.

All in one go

You know the situation when a serial number is missing after scanning a box? For example, if only 499 packages were scanned instead of 500. In this case you have to scan everything again to find the missing package.

All checks instantly in real time

With medAspis you never have to scan again due to a missing or wrongly scanned product. All types of errors are indicated in real time and you can react immediately. A missing code is rescanned, a critical package is put aside. All the cases are resolved immediately.

All checks are executed in the background

To avoid slowing down the scanning speed, all checking processes run in the background: correct verification, correct batch, correct number of packages. Row by row, layer by layer, pallet by pallet. Without delay.


Future-proof built in

If handheld scanners are too slow for you, you can book the future at medAspis.

Our system is flexibly scalable. You can connect additional scanners at any time, interfaces for many scanners are already available.




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