Is it really that simple?

The 9thFebruary 2019 marked the beginning of a new stage in the fight with the substandard and counterfeit medicines. It was the beginning of the legal implementation of the requirements of the Falsified Medicines Directive and its Delegated Regulation. From this day, hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers were able to verify and decommission prescription medicines.

Given the impact on the pharmaceutical distribution chain, medAspis have developed a cost-effective solution for wholesalers, hospital pharmacists and parallel traders that is quick to connect to the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) and easy to use with our mobile handheld scanning device.


It really can be that easy: Simply unpack, switch on, log in and just start authenticating!

Its user-friendly design and intuitive interface make the handheld device extremely simple to work with: with the help of the in-built scanner, read the 2D matrix code and the rest just happens!

Scan when and where you want

Our FMD solution can support your daily workflows as following:

  • Reduced waiting times: With the Scan Accelerator, the device is immediately ready for use after each scan. No annoying wait for the previous answer from the database.
  • Reduced number of false-positive alerts: The Double Scan Filter automatically corrects multiple scans of the same pack, when performed in error.
  • Offline situations under control: The Offline Function enables your daily scanning work to continue, even if the internet fails or if there’s an electricity outage.

Alert Support and Management

The medAspis Connector Plus solution has a comprehensive alert support and management tool – the Control Panel, allowing the end user to maintain full control and transparency over all FMD related activities. This ensures trace-ability, transparency and increased confidence that all the necessary measures are taken immediately after an alert is triggered (e.g. stolen, expired, recalled, product not found, serial code not found).

In the Control Panel, a record of all scans, including all warnings, will be stored and listed.  For security reasons, only the responsible person for the FMD implementation at the end user’s side will have access to this platform. Here, the information can be filtered, and reports downloaded in the required format, including csv, excel and pdf formats.

Simple price structure

We have adopted a price policy that’s bespoke to the size of your institution and your business. No surprises, no hidden costs, no license fees – we believe that’s only fair!

This price structure allows you to budget with confidence.

Is there more to it than this?

Yes, the great revolution is coming. The 2D matrix codes will enable the next innovation in stock management to occur: for the first time ever, batch numbers and expiry dates can be read automatically.

The medAspis service offers hospital pharmacies, wholesalers and parallel traders truly convenient solutions, helping to refine workflows and processes.

Don’t wait! Find out more about how we can help you get ready on our Industry Solutions page.

Our mobile handheld device, with built-in touchscreen and scanner, makes it so easy to read the 2D codes, alerting the user of any expired or nearly expired packs and recalls, whilst assisting batch control and inventory management. All this will now become easier – welcome to the future!

Connection and use

Our medicines authentication system was designed as a stand-alone FMD solution and it works independently of any software programs. We can, on request, provide the necessary information and the APIs to integrate medAspis Connector Plus with the ERP system.