medAspis Tube

medAspis Tube

Speed and Stability 

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Go to the pack, wherever it is. In goods-in, in goods-out, on the shelf or in the clean room. Never wait for the system to scan.

Scan Accelerator always gives you full control of timing. A double-scan performed by mistake won’t slow you down. If the internet connection is lost, the device caches the scanned codes and uploads them as soon as the connection is back. The handheld device runs with an app that is automatically updated as needed. 

Are you still scanning?

For FMD purposes, medicine packs have to be verified and/or decommissioned at several stages in the supply chain. Currently, this is mostly done by manually scanning each individual pack, creating additional workload, time and cost.

The supplier can facilitate the operations of this additional work by pre-scanning every pack before shipment and creating an aggregated code. This code will then be transferred to the customer at the same time as the physical shipment.

At the supplier’s premises, each 2D matrix code printed on medicine packs is scanned. All these pack codes for a specific shipment are then pooled into a unique aggregated code. This aggregated code is subsequently used to identify every constituent pack code within the pooled data set.

The supplier ships the medicine packs and sends the aggregated code to the customer. The transfer of pack codes from supplier to its customer and their usage for FMD purposes afterward is achieved in three simple steps:

Step 1: Simultaneously to the physical shipment all data sets are uploaded to medAspis Aggregation Hub. (uploading is a fully automated process).

Step 2: The customer scans the Aggregated Code provided by the supplier as a key to download all the pack codes.

Step 3: The customer verifies all data sets for FMD purposes using his own credentials by scanning the aggregated parent code.

Safe with authorities

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The web panel shows a complete overview of all FMD processes. All scans, including alerts, are recorded and can be exported anytime. In addition, notifications can be set for all warnings. The comprehensive alert management automatically prepares you for inspections by authorities. Each alert leads to a standard operating procedure guidance and all steps are recorded for your security and to prepare you for authority inspections.

Quick Scan Technologies

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– With our Scan Accelerator you scan without waiting time for a FMD request

– A Double Scan Filter prevents from reading one pack twice

Continuous Scan Mode and Adaptive Target Windows grant the best performance

Operational Speed

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The medAspis handheld device comes with a fast laser scanner. Several built-in quick scan software tools speed up the operational scan time. Furthermore, with our Scan Accelerator, you scan without waiting for the previous FMD response and a double Scan Filter prevents the device from reading one pack twice. Besides that, the Continuous Scan Mode coupled with an Adaptive Target Window provides fast scan performance.