The medAspis Handheld Device

 Based on the unique working environment and specific requirements of medical industry, the handheld device is covered with an anti-bacterial material and has the capacity to read 1D and 2D codes, enabling accurate reading of bar code information.

The handheld device is based on Android OS. Its lightweight and compact design comes with a large (5½’’) All Touch screen which makes it easy to use. To reduce user fatigue it was equipped with a wristband.

This is a dual Sim card handheld device which gives the possibility to  the network and internet via WI-FI or by using 2 Sim cards (from the same or different providers).

With 4000 mAh battery, the handheld device can power through a full shift and beyond. The end user can choose between a wired charger and a cradle charger.

The medAspis software was installed on the device and once delivered, the end user must log in and start authentication service.

Dimensions 150 * 72.5 * 15 mm
Weight With standard battery: 240 g
Colour & Surface Blue & White, with anti-bacterial material
Screen 5.5’’ high-resolution, 1440*720, Gorilla Glass
Connectivity Wi-Fi, 2 4G/LTE Slots
Scanner Honeywell 1D & 2D scanner
Battery Li-ion 4500mAh
Duration ≧10h (full function)
Standby ≧100h