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Next Level FMD

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Future-proof with medAspis

The majority of our customers are pharmaceutical wholesalers. They are active in international pharmaceutical distribution or export medicines from the EU. They procure medicines for clinical studies or supply customers according to §23 of the Delegated Ordinance.

What is important for them: FMD must be simple and safe and must fit easily into daily work routines. Speed counts and pays off. Choosing the right scanner is crucial.

Speed is the key

The medAspis system is future-proof because it grows with your company. The software is flexibly scalable. Additional scanners can be connected at any time. Depending on individual requirements, medAspis offers four models as hardware series, led by the mobile handheld.

Handheld Scanner



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Hand Scanner

The mobile handheld is our fastest manual scanning device currently available on the market for the FMD industry. It processes 2,000 packages per hour.

Table Scanner



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Tisch Scanner

Like at a checkout, all medicines are scanned in the shortest possible time. Fast and efficient, each package is scanned individually.

Multi Scanner



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Multi Scanner

This scanner type scans a large number of medicine packs at once. The extremely high detection rate ensures stringent processes.

Band Scanner



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Band Scanner

Diese Art von Scanner ist ideal für den Einsatz in einem halb- oder vollautomatischen Logistikprozess. Das Gerät läuft mit kontinuierlich hoher Geschwindigkeit.

What really matters

FMD is more than scanning and connecting to national data centers.
Properly planned and implemented, FMD can be smoothly integrated into existing workflows.


The speed of the scanning process is the decisive factor for a reasonable integration of FMD into the operational processes of the pharmaceutical wholesale trade.

Find the scanner that fits your business processes. Ensure flexibility and secure code capture.

IT Integration

The medAspis FMD system provides interfaces to communicate with merchandise management or materials management.

Data can be both imported and output. The possibilities for data exchange are unlimited.

Workflow Integration

FMD must be integrated into existing workflows without tying up too many resources in terms of personnel, time and space.

Time is a critical factor, FMD must not slow down operational processes.

Reduce scans

At medAspis, each package is scanned only once. The packages can then be verified or deregistered as often as required in compliance with FMD.

This saves work. For example, exporters who verify incoming goods and have to deregister the goods later as exported.

A few words about us

We are a team of experts with experience in healthcare, IT and logistics. We have decades of industry know-how. Through continuous communication with our customers from all areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain, we know the operational processes down to the last detail.

Dennis Fessler
Sales Germany and Central Europe

Sofia Slok
Sales UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe

Klaudiusz Gajewski
Sales Poland, Czech and the Baltics

Pedro Pineda
Sales Spain and Portugal



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