Offline Functionality

The whole medicine verification and decommissioning system works only if the connection to the internet is stable and inputs are transmitted from the source to the NMVS and back. It is a proven fact that offline situations are common and that an end user must be able to dispense medicines regardless of the status of the system. Given this real need, medAspis have developed a capability to store the scans when the connection to the internet is lost (offline mode). Once the internet connection is back, all the unique identifiers (2D codes) registered and stored will be checked automatically. In the situation when the system detects a unique identifier which has attached an alert, or the product is of a suspicious origin, an alert will be triggered. On medAspis handheld device’s screen a message with a confirmation button will be displayed and the case will also be registered in the Control Panel for record and future investigations.
We believe that to continue working in conditions when the connection to the internet is lost is of at utmost importance and can make a difference especially in emergency cases. Imagine for a moment that a pharmacist has to manually record a string of up to 50 characters without making any mistake. When various factors are added, such as: time pressure, volumes of work and stress, it is very likely that preventable human-errors will occur.
 It is simple and easy to continue working as usual by scanning the unique identifiers with the medAspis handheld devices where all product and serial numbers will be stored until the connection is back. It is important that the end user carefully checks all the medicines dispensed or supplied in the above described conditions.