Returns of Medicines

It is a common practice that medicines are sent back to their supplier (e.g. from a ward to the pharmacy, from a hospital to their supplier or between distributors).
There are clear limitations on when the end user can and cannot return an already supplied pack of medicines. If the pack of medicines was not opened (the anti-tamper device is intact), the pack was not recalled, is not expired and there are less than 10 days between the 2 scans (decommissioning and undo-decommissioning), the pack of medicines can be sent back to the supplier. In the situation when the 10 days since the decommissioning have passed, then the end user must keep the pack of medicines on stock.
If the end user wants to verify an already pack of medicines, it can. In the case when the status of the unique identifier (the 2D matrix code) was updated, this update will supersede the “already decommissioned at this location” warning. In all other situations, the system will know that the 2D matrix has already been decommissioned at this location and will not trigger an alert but a warning. We expect this functionality to reduce the number of the false-positive alerts. The content of the warning will provide all the necessary information to the end user, and only when a truly suspicious case will be identified, the NMVO, the manufacturer and the national competent authorities will be informed. The administrator of the system at the end user’s side through the Control Panel will check the history for the pack, subject to investigation, and decide on the next steps.