Third Party Hospital Supply

The requirement to decommission medicines has a direct impact on all types of hospitals. A closer attention one must pay to hospitals supplying medicinal products and to hospitals receiving medicinal products without a dedicated pharmacy.
The Delegated Regulation (art.25 and 26) states that the health care institution which supplies medicines to the patient, with some exceptions, is responsible to decommission the unique identifiers at the time of dispensing, regardless if the hospital has a pharmacy or not.
When a hospital delivers or “borrows” medicines to another hospital which is not part of the same legal entity, the source hospital must not decommission the unique identifiers. This legal requirement makes the decommissioning at the incoming goods almost impossible and certainly impractical. On the other hand, the receiving hospital (with or without a dedicated pharmacy and staff) must make sure that it has all the personnel and the capacity to fulfill this legal requirement.
While all may seem doom and gloom, with medAspis system, a hospital does not need extra space or special conditions to work efficiently. This system can be used as part of the daily routine.
It is important to underline the fact, that hospitals which find themselves in the situation described above, must be familiar with the requirements of the Delegated Regulation and with the specific national rules as well as understand the real needs of their hospital and start working on an implementation plan.

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