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medAspis is a specialist for all processes related to the Falsified Medicines Directive and its and its sensible integration into daily business.

Mobile solution

The mobile handheld devices provide the best results at all points in the company You have full flexibility in your work: no cables, no additional computers or workstations, no additional work step.
As a stand-alone system or fully integrated into the existing IT.

Extremely fast scanners

With the newest hardware and smart software, medApsis offers probably the fastest FMD handheld scanner in Europe. And thus, an efficient tool adapted for daily work. A comparison to conventional scanners can be found here.



All in one go

Are you aware of cases when a serial number is missing after scanning full box of pack? For example, only 499 instead of 500 pack were scanned. In this case you have to scan everything again to find the missing pack.

All checks are completed in real-time

With medAspis it is easier. All possible alerts and errors are checked in real-time and immediately displayed. You can react immediately. A missing code is rescanned, a pack with an alert is put aside. All cases are dealt with at their occurrence.

All checks are performed in the background

In order not to negatively impact on the scanning speed, all checking processes run in the background: correct serial number, correct batch number, correct GTIN, correct expiry date and correct number of pack. Row by row, layer by layer, pallet by pallet. Without delay.

Foolproof operation

Use the medAspis handheld scanners intuitively. The clear user interface leads to optimal results – you scan at lightning speed and trust an intelligent system:

1. No pack is counted twice

Duplicate scans of the same pack are immediately detected and filtered out. Each code comes into the system only once.

2. No pack is missed

After scanning each row of the cartoon box, the digital counter helps identify whether a pack was missed or not. When a code was missed, the user will have to scan the last row again and the missing code will be recorded.

3. No wrong batch

When a pack with an incorrect batch has been scanned, the operator is informed immediately and can separate the pack with a different batch number from the main stock. Important when there is a need to separate products by their batch number.



Future-proof built in

If the handheld scanners are too slow for you, you can upgrade at medAspis.

Our system is flexible and scalable. You can connect additional scanners at any time, interfaces for many scanners are already available.




Scan once - use multiple times

Often, multiple FMD operations must be performed. First, verification is carried out at the incoming goods and later the packs are decommissioned to comply with §23

Scan just once

With our solution, you have to scan only one time. Then all data is processed at the push of a button.
The highlight is our Late Check Out: use the relevant FMD transaction only when the goods leave the warehouse. Better safe than sorry.


The next logical step is aggregation. Use the stored data to pass it on to your customers to eliminate the additional step of data entry. We can see from the steadily growing numbers that aggregation is becoming a standard tool more and more widely adopted. For the supply to hospitals and also within the pharmaceutical supply chain.



Integration into the IT landscape

When an order has been processed, the recorded data are automatically processed further. medAspis has interfaces to the most important ERP systems, among which are: SAP, Sage and Microsoft Dynamics. Tested and documented. Any other common systems can be integrated without problems.

Special case: Exclusive data collection

Some customers use our system exclusively for fast data acquisition. For example, parallel distributors who have to scan large volumes of pack in order to decommission them through the EU Hub. We already have interfaces to the most important onboarding partners such as Tracelink, Tracekey and soon also to Melior Solutions.

we communicate with:

What our customers say

medAspis is responsible for the fast recording of 2D matrixcode information in the inbound of our warehouse. Data collection, batch control and FMD verification is done in one go, which saves time. The order related data is transferred to our ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV.So everything in the system is always up-to-date, fully automatic in one go. medAspis also sends the collected serialnumbers to our onboarding partner Tracekey for further processing.

Jan de Kreij
CEO/Owner Eureco Pharma, The Netherlands

For reasons of efficiency, we want to use the collected data during the FMD process for other purposes. The medAspis solution can transfer all data directly to our ERP. We also appreciate the ability to collect data only. We scan in the goods-in and export later without scanning again. This is a real simplification of work.

Guillaume Perruchot
President PharmaLab, France

medAspis has been working for us since the beginning of the Counterfeiting Directive. We were always impressed by the speed of work. We have already been able to test the new scanner in advance. This makes the work even faster and more precise than before. Gradually, we have integrated more and more functions into our IT. In the meantime, all important data is automatically fed into our SAGE system.

Carlos Iglesias
CEO/Owner Boticalia, Spain

Jon Rivas – Responsible
Pharmacist at Boticalia

Some words about us

We are a team of experts with experience in the healthcare system, IT and logistics. We have decades of industry know-how. Through continuous communication with our customers from all areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain, we know the operational processes down to the last detail.

Ralf Däinghaus

Ralf Däinghaus
Managing director

Dennis Fessler
Sales Germany and Central Europe

Sofia Slok
Sales UK, Ireland and Eastern Europe

Klaudiusz Gajewski
Sales Poland, Czech Republic and Baltic States

Pedro Pineda
Sales Spain and Portugal



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