FMD becomes an important part of daily operations.

FMD without the headache

Many organisations have realised that the high number of packs can have a dramatic impact on their daily operations.  medAspis` professional FMD Solution knows how to increase the speed of the scan and completely eliminate the need for scanning.

Volume of serialised medicines will increase in the next couple of months

Therefore it is our mission to help you to integrate the new FMD processes into your existing workflow but without investing too many resources in staff, time and space: 

  1. Scan where you need it: In goods-in, in goods-out, on the shelf or in a clean room.
  2. Scan time is crucial, therefore FMD should never slow down operations.
  3. Scanning must be available even if the Internet is down.

Of course, only a fast and flexible, FMD process can run at a reasonable cost. 

Switch on and get started

You don’t need anything else!

Modern FMD is mobile and flexible

With our handheld device you have full flexibility of where to scan. The scanner goes to the pack, not vice versa. No cable, no extra PC, no extra work step. The FMD response comes in real-time immediately after the scan and furthermore due to the specially developed medAspis quick scan technologies, the responses are extremely fast.

You are ready to work in 20 minutes

FMD out of the box

Finally FMD can be so easy. After a short web-based self-registration process, you switch on the handheld device and start to scan. All FMD software is pre-installed and ready to use, besides  the service comes with a handy online tutorial.

Impressive speed of scan

Scan up to 2000 packs per hour

The medAspis handheld device comes with a fast laser scanner. Several built-in quick scan software tools speed up the operational scan time. Furthermore, with our Scan Accelerator,you scan without waiting for the previous FMD response and a double Scan Filter prevents the device from reading one pack twice. Besides that, the Continuous Scan Mode coupled with an Adaptive Target Window provides fast scan performance.

Comparsion with and without medAspis Quick Scan Technologies. Without our technology, the NMVS latency can take up to 7.5 times longer to complete a scan










Full control and visibility on all activities

Comprehensive Reporting Tool

In any case, the medAspis Control Panel allows a complete overview of FMD procedures. All scans, including alerts, are recorded and can be filtered or exported in numerous formats e.g. Excel. Therefore, in case of an FMD alert, the Control Panel is your first source of information. The comprehensive alert management gives you full control of any situation and enables you to be ready for inspection by authorities.

Order your FMD solution now

A simple price structure

You only pay for your volume of FMD checks performed. No hidden costs, no license fees, no surprises – we think that’s just fair! For the purpose of your convenience and ours, the scan volume is divided into categories of different sizes. For ordering your FMD solution please estimate your annual scan volume and we will find your perfect fit.

A handheld device is included

One handheld device is included in every offer. However, if you need more than one device, no problem!



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