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MedAspis is a specialist for all processes related to the Falsified Medicine Directive and its relevant integration into day-to-day business.

Our promise to you

Our products minimize the time-consuming scanning of 2D codes. The medAspis FMD service supports existing workflows and fits perfectly into everyday work processes, even when scan loads are high.



Impressively speedy processing

The mobile medAspis handheld device has an integrated touch screen and a built-in scanner. The user interface is very clear and incredibly user-friendly. With minimal training, the scanner can be operated intuitively.

Instant Response

Each pack is checked in real-time, with the result immediately displayed. You can react directly and sort out suspicious packs in case of need.

Extremely fast scanning speed

After scanning, the data is immediately transferred to the medAspis FMD server for processing: correct verification, correct batch, the correct number of packs, etc. While the server is still checking and waiting for the results from the Nation Medicine Verification Systems – NMVS (this often takes quite a long time), the handheld device can already be scanning the next pack.
With this Scan Accelerator technology, you can work uninterruptedly. Row by row, layer by layer, pallet by pallet, without any delays.

All in one go

Are you aware of cases when a serial number is missing after scanning a full box? For example, instead of 500 packs only 499 were scanned. In such cases, all packs must be scanned again.
medAspis makes this process easier. Alerts and warnings are displayed in real-time. You can respond immediately:

1. No pack data is counted twice

Double scans of the same pack are immediately detected and ignored. Each code is passed into the system once only.

2. No pack is forgotten

At the end of each row, you can check on the handheld device screen the quantity of packs processed. If a pack has been missed, simply scan the last row again and everything will be recorded.

3. No wrong batches

A pack with an incorrect batch will be displayed immediately and can be sorted out.



Built-in future-proof excellence

If the hand scanners are too slow for you, you can retrofit medAspis.
Our system is flexible and scalable. You can connect additional scanners at any time. Interfaces for many scanners already exist.

Scan once, use multiple times

Frequently, within the same premises, multiple FMD operations must be completed. First, at the goods-in a large quantity of packs must be verified. Later, in sorting area, the same packs must be exported, decommissioned or dispensed in accordance with §23.

One-time scanning is enough

With our FMD solution, you only need to scan once and complete all FMD transactions at the touch of a button.
The key feature is our Late Check-Out: run FMD operations only when the goods leave the premises. Better safe than sorry.


The next logical step is aggregation. Use the stored data by sharing it with your customers. This will provide them added value by saving process time. From the steadily increasing numbers of customers using this feature, we can see that aggregation is becoming more and more established. Both for hospital deliveries, as well as for the pharmaceutical supply chain.



Integration into the IT landscape

When the order is completed, the collected data will be processed automatically. medAspis has tested and documented interfaces for the most important ERP systems, such as SAP, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics. Other commonly used systems can be integrated without any issues

Special Case: Exclusive data collection

Some customers use our system exclusively for speedy data collection. An example of this use case are parallel importers who need to scan a large volume of packs in order to process them later at the EU Hub. We already have interfaces linked to the most important onboarding partners such as Tracelink, Tracekey, and soon to Melior Solutions.

Our interfaces:

This is what our customers say

medAspis is responsible for the fast recording of 2D matrixcode information in the inbound of our warehouse. Data collection, batch control and FMD verification is done in one go, which saves time. The order related data is transferred to our ERP software Microsoft Dynamics NAV.So everything in the system is always up-to-date, fully automatic in one go. medAspis also sends the collected serialnumbers to our onboarding partner Tracekey for further processing.

Jan de Kreij
Managing Director Eureco Pharma, the Netherlands

For reasons of efficiency, we want to use the collected data during the FMD process for other purposes. The medAspis solution can transfer all data directly to our ERP. We also appreciate the ability to collect data only. We scan in the goods-in and export later without scanning again. This is a real simplification of work.

Guillaume Perruchot
President of PharmaLab, France

medAspis has been working for us since the beginning of the Counterfeiting Directive. We were always impressed by the speed of work. We have already been able to test the new scanner in advance. This makes the work even faster and more precise than before. Gradually, we have integrated more and more functions into our IT. In the meantime, all important data is automatically fed into our SAGE system.

Carlos Iglesias
Managing Director Boticalia, Spain

Jon Rivas – Resp.
Pharmacist Boticalia

A little bit about us

We are a team of experts with experience in health care, IT, and logistics. We have decades of industry know-how. Through continuous communication with our customers from all areas of the pharmaceutical supply chain, we understand the operational processes, down to the last detail.

Ralf Däinghaus

Ralf Däinghaus
Managing director

Dennis Fessler
Sales Germany and Central Europe

Sofia Slok
Sales UK, Ireland und Eastern Europe

Klaudiusz Gajewski
Sales Poland and Baltic States

Pedro Pineda
Sales Spain and Portugal

Dusan Hnilica
Sales Czech Republic


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