Where to Decommission?

The introduction of medicines verification and verification and decommissioning can lead to considerable additional costs, as each individual package must be checked. For this activity to take place, internal logistics must be adapted to the new requirements and so, additional personnel may be required. The responsibility of decommissioning by law is with the persons authorized or entitled to supply medicinal products to the public.
We have analysed medicines pathways within several healthcare institutions and as a result we have produced the diagram below. We understand that there may be other cases or exceptions, however, this represents the vast majority of caseswe have encountered.

The law gives the flexibility and the opportunity to healthcare institutions to decide where and when to decommission the packs of medicines. This decision should be based on the specific situation and needs of the institution in order to minimize the impact on the daily medicines dispensing process. For practical reasons, this activity could be completed at the goods-in or after picking.
In the exceptional case when medicines are delivered directly to a ward or to the operating room, the person authorized or entitled to supply medicinal products to the public (e.g. pharmacist, pharmacist assistant) can use the medAspis handheld device to decommission the pack of medicine on the spot.
More information regarding decommissioning within a hospital pharmacy (Germany) you will find here.